How to change the degrees per rotation on axis a

Hello, I wanted to ask you if you could please help me changing the degrees per rotation on the A axis, the 360 is grayed out, how can I change that? thanks a lot.Captura de pantalla 2020-03-02 a la(s) 12.50.24

You can’t change it there - you have to change the number of steps per degree in the firmware settings for your controller. If it’s GRBL, that would be using the $ settings in the console or Edit > Machine Settings in the menus. If it’s Smoothieware, you’d change it by editing the config.txt file on the SD card. Your profile says “K40” for your laser, but that doesn’t tell me what controller you use.

Hello, thanks for your quick response, I’m using cohesion 3d smoothieware.

I’m using Mac, if that’s of any help.

You’ll need to change the delta_steps_per_mm value in the config.txt file on the SD card, and you’ll need to make sure your version of Smoothieware is a 4-axis build.

Cohesion3D has resources on the website knowledge base for setting up a rotary, and you can get help on the Cohesion3D forum if you need it.

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