How to change the laser so it cuts and draws lines

When I got to the project the Xtool laser is only showing fill lines, but no cut lines.
How can I change it so it cuts and would draw lines?

Whether the LINE setting engraves
[lower power and/or higher speed]
and whether it cuts
[lower speed and/or higher power] depends on the setting you apply to that LINE layer.

When you set FILL, that layer also needs to be set so that the speed and power give you the engraving depth you desire.

Thank you.I still can’t get it to cut. I see on some projects it will show a different red for engraving & black for cutting all the way through the material, now it looks like all the projects I have just do lines, It lost communication from Lightburn. It was turned off and on but says laser is busy or off

No relationship. That happens to be personal preferences.

  1. Power up PC and Laser with USB not connected.
  2. Plug in USB, PC should go ding. If not, you have UDB communications issue.
  3. Launch Lightburn.
  4. Home or set Origin.
  5. Jog buttons should work properly.

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