How to choose laser manually in devices

Hello im back and have a question or idea. First i have a Aufero laser 1 5000, mm/min 24v 2amp machine. Firmware 1.8 ortur i have a ofline controller mb 9th generation 32bit olm-esp pro v1.2 and running 32bit windows 10 on a lenevo thinkpad my GBRL version 4.7.1 lasergbrl . I notced when i try to add the gbrl tbrough devices there is a manual tab that lets you choose a list of devices. I expected to see mine since it is fairly new. The reason for tbis is the software will not find my device automatically and i need to add it manually . This is what i did i downloaded gbrl and just used this to operate my machine. But, i have a lot of problems with the software communicating corectly with the hardware. Next i installed laserGBRL and unistalled thre version of GBRL. I expected to go back and the software would automatically find it. But, know when i start the program it says im disconnected. So, i read some more and aded the $32=1 option. It said file added. Know, i want to know how i can get my gbrl to devices or can i import it as there is a tab for tbis. Also wbich gblr do i choose like GBRL,gbrl lpc or one of tbe others to match my harware . Do i have to pic a gbrl ? I hope this makes sense. Thank you

Plug in the engraver, power it up, plug it into the computer, start the computer, start LightBurn.

If it doesn’t ‘find’ the laser you can create a fake machine manually to get past that step. Make it a terrible fake machine like 13mm x 13mm so you don’t get confused.

Open the console window and see if it’s connected.

Then open the Laser window and make the real machine profile.

Select GRBL (bottom right) and then the COM port the engraver is patiently waiting on. Select a com port… wait 20-30 seconds to see if words show up in the console window… when the words show up - you are connected.

see if you can get there. :smiley:

You probably already have the CH340 driver in and running…

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