How to connect to a Mac via ethernet

I am trying to connect a mac to a OMT laser via ethernet, when i look for the device in lightburn it says that I am trying to connect with a DSP device but that I do not have a DSP license? any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a MAC desktop running Monterey and purchased the lightburn software for the mac

The Ruida controller is a DSP type controller. This is in contrast to G-code based controllers. LightBurn licenses are either for DSP (which also includes G-code) or for G-code only controllers. You need to have purchased the DSP license to be able to connect to Ruida.

You can upgrade your current G-code license to DSP license. Total cost of G-code license + Upgrade is the same as if you bought DSP license straightaway.

If you believe you already purchased the DSP license then email for assistance.

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