How to continue when you burn out

How to continue engraving when the machine signals burning and stops? What they press in Light Bern to resume work from the point where the machine stopped. Thank you :thinking:

Presuming the work piece has not been moved you can open the preview screen move the slider to where you want the laser to begin then press ‘Start Here’


Here’s additional information on How to Restart and Recover an Incomplete Job:


What a material saver video !!!

In Cuts window, change Scan Angle to 180 degrees. will cause the burn to start from the top and come down to meet the previously burned area. Ingenious!


So LightBurn will not stop when the machine detects an error. Then the machine stops. LightBurn is running and because of this it is not possible to continue from the last position where the machine stopped. Can’t follow exactly?