How to control the power and startup of a new laser module

Hi all! I have recently upgraded my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 with a new Ortur LU3-20A/B laser. This has a new module with its own power supply. My problem is, if I plug the power supply into the module, it turns on the laser (not the laser head, just powers up the laser). This is rather noisy and I do not want the laser on all the time. With my old laser module, LightBurn would power up the laser when a job was running only. How can tell LightBurn to take control of the laser again? Other than this issue, it is all working fine, I can control the speed/ power output of the laser just fine.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Do you mean it turns on the fan in the module?

Yes potentially, the fan does come on. Is it possible to link that to lightburn so it onlt comes on when doing a job?

There’s a switch on the OUC board that should be set to Auto.

Generally the laser module controls this. The only line going to the laser module is the pwm control line…


That did the trick! thank you!

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