How to copy a layer from one lightbuirn project to another. I have added it to the cache but can't find the cache when I open the other project

I have the latest version of Lightburn and use Windows 11.

I don’t know if it works in Windows, but under Mac OS I copy the whole layer and paste it into a new project window with the right click of the mouse. Paste in the Edit menu in LB also works here for me.

I doubt that’s possible. The layer settings are not copied to the system clipboard and therefore not accessible by another LB instance. Save your layer settings to the material library and then you can import them in the other instance.

You are right, the elements are copied with the “system” default setting for this layer…, after it is copied, it will be assigned the same “default” setting again. When I tested it, I did not change my standard settings for this layer, hence my misinterpretation.

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