How to cut NOT dither an Image

Hey guys, i am new to this …
When I import a design into LB, it is calling it an image and will not let me set it as a line. I tried cutting it on dither (yes, you are all laughing now) it did look cool, but not cut.

What am I doing wrong?


Using an image instead of vector artwork. If you want to cut something, there needs to be a path for the laser to follow, but an image is a grid of cells (pixels) where each cell has a brightness value (or a color). In order for the laser to cut something, it needs a path to follow, like a series of coordinates.

This site has a good description of the difference between raster images (bitmaps, pixels) and vector images: Raster (Bitmap) vs Vector

If the image is relatively clean, you can get a path from an image by using the Trace Image feature in LightBurn:

thank you, I knew I had seen something- back to the training video

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