How to cut sharp edges to iron?

hi there,
is there anybody cutting iron? I’ve got a 300W laser from Trocen (hope I’ll change the board to some G-code one) and have a problem with cutting sharp edges.
Imagine cutting “Z” - from up to down. In every sharp edge the beam slows down and then accelerates again. This makes the cutter staying a little bit “longer” at every edge and it results in burned sharp edges. Is there any way to change the behavior of the cutting optimizations, so for example the square could be cutted not as one object, but as four objects, each from the opposite corner? or some “invisible arc” with laser beam turned off, which can allow to stop the beam in the corner, make an arc to come from the right side and then start the beam in the corner without the acceleration?
How do you make sharp edges?
Thank you, folks! O.P.

You’re making a mistake in changing a Trocen controller for a Gcode one, IMO.

The Trocen is much more capable than the best 32-bit Gcode controller (and I’m a fan of and have lots of Gcode controllers).

You should have 2 setttings - min and max - for laser power. Don’t have them set the same. The controller will adjust power to speed when ‘cornering’

min: 10%
max: 30,40,50… but I’m afraid it’s applied only in enrave/fill mode, not in cut/line mode.
it’s impossible to use lower value than 10%, because the laser tube does not make a beam, when the power is less than 10%. So I’m afraid that it’s not so easy as you write.

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