How to do multiple changes? (SOLVED)

I designing a project with almost 60 holes in it.
They are all in a pacific place and there diameter was set at .125". Then i realized they needed to be .180". Is there
a way to change them at one time and keep there location? Or do i have to change them one at a time?


Depends if they are all equal distance away from each other, or random placement.

If All the same distance from each other, you could use the array feature to create new ones the correct size in place of the original.

We need a bit more info to help accurately, maybe post the image, or the LB file

They are randomly placed all over a 12 x 12 x .375 piece of plexiglass. They are to support circuit boards. I cant post a picture because of customers request. It may take time but looks like i may have to fix one at a time so nothing moves.

Thanks for reply.

I did not know this, that’s what I love about this forum the knowledge out there is so powerful.
I learned something today and that’s what it is all about to make use of the program and all it’s features. I am sure there is a lot more that I have not encountered yet and it’s been going on maybe 2 years and still learning.
Problem Solved.
Thank you
Rudy in Florida.