How to draw a circle and break it into segments

hi all. i need some help in drawing a circle making an offset then breaking it into segments in lightburn. im going to make inlay pieces from paua shell for bowls that have been woodturned. i only have a 3018 laser engraver so i cant do the size i need in one go. ill attach some pics to better explain what im trying to do. i can draw the circle in lightburn and whatever size offset i want but im struggling on how to break it into smaller parts to then be able to cut it.

I will do it as follows:
draw the first circle, make an offset with the desired dimension.
then I will draw a horizontal and a vertical line and center both with the circles. Now I have to convert everything to path and now have the option to use trim function to make a ‚Äúsegment‚ÄĚ of the circle.
It is fastest and easiest with four parts but can easily also be made with a different number of segments.
Finally, I copy that item and use it again and again for the desired job.

thanks Bernd
I’ll give that a go. Im not very experienced with lightburn but will give it my best shot.

         Hi Bernd

Ive tried for the past 4 hours but cant get this to happen, i know im stretching the friendship but is ther any chance you could do this and post a video. i would be very grateful.

hey Craig1,
i want to help you but can not figure out how to make a video about it. What is it that did not succeed for you? You can also give me the measurements from your circle inlay and I will draw you a quarter of this.

I made a video for you. There’s probably 12 ways to approach this, but I thought this approach would help you to understand some of the underlying functionality:

your a legend, thank you so much.
Hi there. 

The video worked a treat thanks, and i was able to make a double circle and cut it into segments. But when i go to cut out the finished job it starts and runs for about 2 seconds then stops. Same place each time. Cuts what looks like a small L shape then stops. I have tried other projects and dont have a problem… just when im trying to cut the small part of this circle.