How to find the location of an object

Ive placed a circle on the laser bed but i cant find out how to center the laser on it so its in the same place everytime.

The simplest way is create another circle the same time and use the rubberband framing and jogging laser (with buttons on move tab NOT by hand) until you have it in the correct position, them make a note of the position using the get position button on the move tab, you can then use that position to position head correctly.

Another method is to use the “Circle Center Finder” tool. It’s specifically designed for doing what you’re describing.

Center Finder - LightBurn Software Documentation

I think they are trying to find the center of a circle burned on the spoil board, that how I read it.

I read it the same way. The Center Finder Tool should work appropriately in that case as well unless I’m missing something.

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