How to fix Camera offset

The overlay picture from the camera is offset by about 1/4-1/2 inch from the top/bottom. When I send jobs to the laser machine, it is not offset by that much and misses the mark of where I’d like it to engrave/cut. How do I fix that? My trial runs out in a few days and I want to make sure this is all working before I decide if I want to purchase :-/

In the panel for selecting camera actions (camera tab), you’ll find a location to adjust x and y offset. This will jog the image appropriately to match your real world item. There is also a width and height adjustment for “stretching” the image to match the world. Consider also to use the Save button in that panel to provide the same settings for future operations.

PERFECT!!! Thank you!

If it’s off by that much, it suggests that the top of the material or the camera moved from where they were when you did the alignment.

Make sure you snap the camera image after focusing to the top of the material, because the calibration is only accurate for that one height - IE the focus point of the laser.

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