How to fix laser machine if hang while under working in projectI?

Some times working even some hours , and some times hang even after some minutes from start project, stop moving and stop laser but only laser fan working , and machine not response to software order is machine hang, how to fix this issue ? because if I turned machine off and on, I lose the material , this is not first time !

Hi Waleed

Could you tell us what brand/Controller/laser type you have?

Normally the issues you are describing are a controller crash related.
if you unplug the laser head (assuming is a diode) and run the project as is will the behavior happen again?
(it wont engrave, but machine motors will move)

If yes, you might have a power delivery issue and a power adapter change might be required.

Morelian S9

Did you already exchange the USB cable? This is a very common issue with Sculpfun S9s. Here is a list of things to check if you have connection issues:

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You are professional, I’m a electronic programing and designer, and I thinking about cable also, I using the cable that came with this machine, but I will change cable with other , maybe resolve, and I will see the Guide you sent, many thanks to you.

Make sure the cable includes a ferrite (big knot) on it. If you specify a USB cable for the S30 Pro, you will get the proper one.

Thank you, yes the cable have that ,