How to get smoother finish using fill layers

Hello, I am noticing when I set a layer to fill I am getting a rough or pitted finish on my MDF pieces. This rough surface can be scraped away leaving somewhat of a mess. Is this normal? Are they tweaks I could make to my settings that would make the etch smoother? I did notice that using lower power for a shallower etch it comes out smoother. Its when I am trying to etch out deep into the mdf it gets very dark and rough

If you want smooth bottomed pockets, you’re using the wrong tool.

The laser is burning material, ejecting some of it back into the beam path, which blocks the beam and causes variations in the power, on top of the fact that MDF is an aggregate material already that’s going to have variations in the density. It’s one of the limitations of a laser - you won’t get precise depth like you can with a CNC.