How to get your laser head replaced

Can someone tell me if it is normal for Ortur to take for ever to replace a bad laser under warranty? I can’t get anyone from Ortur to help me after they agree my laser was bad and sent me tracking more than two weeks ago and tracking show it still has not left factory as of today 17 day into it???

I assume you continue to reach out to them?

@OrturTech, is there a specific set of steps you can recommend?

I have sent out 3 email asking them to please help and tell me when laser is as it still shows it never left factory??

As you may have seen, I have reached out to Gil [@ OrturTech], an Ortur representative who visits and helps out supporting the Ortur customer here as well as their main support site. Let’s see what we learn for this ping. :wink:

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I have fairly limited access to fulfillment, however acording to your shipping data though the packadge left in the factory on the 16th and was shipped out on the 17th
Main problem is, from the departure to the arrival at USPS the tracking wont update

Next steps will be something like USPS recieved packadge, is out to delivery
This is the downside on free delivery shipping, the tracking is not as updated on each point as a DHL or Fedex.

Thanks Gil Guess I am at mercy of Postal service :-(.

Unfortunatly, and sadly that part cant be avoided

I finely received my new laser head last weekend and that was the issue. Thanks Gil and Rick for you help. On a side note anyone reading this don’t be a dumb a?? like me and not read the form you have to fill out to get a replacement part. Specially the shipping area where is tell you having it shipped mail will take up to 6 weeks. Pay the expedite charge (even thou you should have to for a warranty part) . Took 5 weeks to get my. Back to burning!!