How to identify Ruida Controller Model?

So I’ve just picked up a new beast - a 1250 x 900 100w RF Laser. I’m certain it has a Ruida controller but cannot see any model numbers anywhere on either the screen or controller box - how can I identify which model it is?

On boot up the screen says RDLC-V5.00.38, it also looks very similair to the boss laser style of screen (i.e. black and white) but it has a key and small emergency stop button mounted to the screen panel itself.


If you look inside the laser cabinet you should find a box that looks like this:

There’s usually a silver sticker on the back or side with the model number:

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Brilliant - thanks - I looked but couldn’t see one - it was tucked away on the end pointing into the machine :slight_smile: Its the RDLC320-A (EC) which looks like its supported :slight_smile:

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