How to ignore trash lines underneath solid filled shapes of imported SVGs?

I purchased an SVG file. It has multiple shapes with solid fill overlapping each other. When I pull it in to Lightburn, I get lines through the good shapes from the shapes underneath (that were obscured by the shape above in Inkscape, etc. due to the solid fill). I just want the outlines of the visible shapes in lightburn, not all the trash hidden underneath. I can do this by hand with union, difference, etc. but it’s VERY time consuming. Any ideas how to do this automatically? Are there other apps (free or paid) that can do this reliably & automatically?

The problem is described very thoroughly here and here.

Note: is still early access and flatten isn’t working properly. I need an alternative.

Since it’s a paid file, I won’t ask you to share it publicly.

Please message me in confidence, privately with the LBRN or lbrn2 file after you import the svg file. I won’t distribute or sell it. I would test with the trace tool and attempt to eliminate the majority of the boolean operators that you’d like to eliminate.

This is a common obstacle with files designed by artists and graphic designers; I have nothing against artists. We occasionally find ourselves on the wrong side of the ‘just paint over it’ workflow.

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