How to install Reci W2 C02 tube

I am finishing up a home build laser cutter. I am having trouble getting info on wiring the Reci W2 tube. The Reci website has this warning:

“The screws in the front and back ends of the laser tube are not allowed to be moved, otherwise the output power will be declined, even the tube will be scrapped.”

What screws are they talking about? There is one screw on each end for the pos and neg. I removed these to install a crimped wire terminal. Did I ruin my tube?

That should be fine - I believe the issue is that you aren’t supposed to solder to those terminals or the heat can damage the tube. As long as you just use a wire, or high-voltage terminal connection, you should be ok.

Thank you! I found some pictures of other tubes that have some sort of end caps secured with allen screws. This must be what they are referring to.

Ahh, ok - I haven’t seen that before, but that could easily be it as well.