How to keep my work zero

I think that the g variant isn’t official? Maybe it is, but I also think the suggested firmware is 1.1f. Did you install 1.1g from official sources? (I’m super ignorant about 95% of grbl stuff, I’m basically just parroting things I’ve read. Sorry if I’m an idiot.)

No problem. When i built my new machine and got the new laser i needed to upload new firmware and that is what i ended up with about 3 months ago.

If you downloaded and installed it yourself, or it’s a current machine, chances are it’s a proper version. I think official GRBL is up to 1.1g or 1.1h at this point, but for a while there were a number of customized variants using those numbers that were actually based on quite old versions of GRBL. We recommend 1.1f or later so yours is fine.


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