How to leave Cut and Print

Was successful in using print and cut feature in new version. I had just thrown artwork on table and marked first and second points and viola. A beautiful cut of the graphics. I then rotated artwork in LightBurn and odd results occurred. Image and line art rotated differently. Has anyone else experienced this? How do you end the Print and Cut sequence? I found that stopping and re-starting the software all behavior returned to normal.

Just go to Tools > Print & Cut > and turn off “Align Output to Targets”.

Rotating stuff in LightBurn (in the UI at least) shouldn’t be affected at all by the Print & Cut mode. Did you have Text objects that are pathed and in a group, by chance?

Why yes I did. I appreciate the added step to leave the print and cut mode. I thought I was going crazy. I might be, so don’t comment on that please.

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We’ve all been there. The text-on-path stuff should be fixed in the latest release. If you had pathed text in a group that didn’t include the path it was attached to that can still do some odd things.

Print & Cut mode would normally require you to activate it too, but I set it up so when you tag either marker, if the other is already valid, it automatically activates the mode. You can deactivate it, then turn it back on again as you please using the same menu item.

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