How to make and cut a straight line with Lightburn

I am just starting to use Lightburn software and it is not as friendly as it seems when I watch the hours for videos.

I am trying to cut the corner off of a piece of wood.
I just the pencil to draw a straight line then use the same settings as I did with a rectangle key chain.
But, the laser just lightly scores the wood and will not slow and cut.
What am I doing wrong?

  1. Make sure you’re in focus
  2. If the line is not cutting then slow down or increase power. Continue this until you get the expected burn. If it’s not cutting then you’re either still too fast or too little power. This assumes that your laser is capable of cutting through the material

I’d suggest running a Material Test to better understand the characteristics of the material with your laser.

That is my issue… I am using same settings as when I cut a rectangle earlier.
Layer 01, mode is line, speed is 3, and power is 100%. I am using Inches/sec but same happens when I use, mm/sec.

Are you absolutely certain that you’re using like for like speeds, meaning you’ve done the units conversion correctly?

If so, upload 2 lbrn files. One where it works and one where it does not.

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