How to make Frame/Track quicker

As per title is there a way to speed up Frame/Track as mine only tacks about 10mm a second!

Your controller dictates how fast Frame operates, not LB.

Change the ‘homing speed’ setting, which usually also controls the frame setting.

Thanks for the reply. how do i change this?

is this it here

That adjusts the LB ‘move’ panel framing/homing, but doesn’t change the laser panel framing/homing.

Depending on how you frame will determine which one you change, but I would do both the LB move setting and in the controller.

As Bo says, if you press the ‘Frame’ button on the controller itself, it uses the speed setting from pressing the ‘Speed’ button on the controller. If you press the ‘Frame’ button from LightBurn, it uses the ‘Speed’ setting in the ‘Move’ window. So the correct answer depends on where you’re framing from.

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