How to make the laser head goes over project before start burning

When I press burn button the laser start burning immediately while I want the head to goes over the project that I want to burn before start burning.

Use the “Frame” button. It is in the “laser” tab located in dock.

Thank you for your reply.
Please share screenshot if you do not mind. I am new to the Lightburn software.

Picture is from your other post. I believe these details are covered in the basics video, do watch them.

Honestly, there are load of videos on YouTube but I could not find proper proper list from basic to advance.
Please share the link for these videos if possible.

Checkout LightBurn youtube channel:
or you could also watch the tutorials on their website.

There is a redirect link in Lightburn itself, go to “Help” then select “Online Video Tutorials”
its also a great resource

(the frame tool is the first thing higlighted in that walktrough…)

i often use the O frame button to check if the project is ‘‘on’’ the work material. or if its aprocimatly in the right spot.

to get it precisly where you want it to be witin a mm is a whole other ball park.

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