How to make the software add Sx to the end of the first G1 line after M3 Sx in a cut operation

Hi All

I have a the tool changer from E3D and I was trying to get LightBurn to export the Gcode in a way that works for Duet Boards. At this point when I select the laser tool, the board switches to laser mode, in that mode M3 Commands sets the laser power but it needs to see the Sx “laser power” in every G1 command or at least the first G1 command after M3 and I can enable sticky mode to accept that, But I cant figure out how to configure lightburn to to so. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

That sounds more like GRBL format GCode than Marlin (I assume you’re using the Marlin profile) - Try using the GRBL-M3 profile to generate the code.

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