How to manually line up objects

Hi guys,

So I just upgraded my m2 nano controller to the Trocen AWC708C lite Controller. I was running K40 whisperer with the M2 and now, I’m on the trial for LB

I’m still trying to get my workflow right. So with K40 whisperer, to line up a job, I could unlock the rails, manually position the head at the right spot, then click go.
I haven’t found a way to unlock rails with LB. I’m assuming this feature could correspond with the “current position” origin marker.

As my laptop is not close to the laser, lining up jobs is overly long winded as I have to move back and forth jogging the head.
Using the controller buttons is not helpful either as I haven’t found a way to make tiny movements (0.5mm) using the controller buttons if it’s even possible.

So any suggestions please?


If you unlock the head and move it manually, you inhibit the ability of the controller to know where it is, and stop you from hitting the sides - Once it’s homed / zero’d, you should only jog it with the controller buttons or software.

On the controller, if you do a quick press & release of the arrows, it moves a small step, and if you hold the buttons, it moves continually until released. You can go to the Jog Control menu on the controller to change the jog increment. You can use the Common Params menu, then Common Parameters sub-menu, to change the KeyMove speed (how fast the keypad buttons jog the head).

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OK thanks for the reply. I will mess about with the jog settings a bit more.

OK, I have modified those parameters and gottten the speed down.
However, I’m not sure this is what I need. I will ideally like to do “step movements” of set directions like you can on the UI interface of LB.
So under the move tab, I can set the move distance to be as little as 0.5mm and step through this with the arrows. But doesn’t seem like I can do this on the controller UI.
However, I’m sure it’s possible to do step movements on the controller… I just haven’t figured it out yet.

As I mentioned, you can do a quick press to move a step, and you can change the size of that step in the menu on the controller itself. I listed the steps to get there in the post above, so that should get you going.

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