How to open 3D, 3D sliced in LightBurn? Does not open!

How to open 3D, 3D sliced ​​in LightBurn?
image I don’t understand why I can’t open image modes

Image Mode is 6 rows down.

Thank you, but this item does not have 3D, 3D sliced, how to enable 3D sliced? And other 3D modes

What is it that you’re trying to do?

3D Sliced Image mode is only available on galvo devices.

3D Sliced Engravings - LightBurn Documentation (


3D on plywood. My atomstack 20x pro, I can’t lay out the project layer by layer on a 3D map

You’ll need to come up with a different approach since your device is not a galvo machine.

When you say 3D on plywood, are you expecting the final output to actually be 3D where the material has been ablated leaving an embossed finish? That will be very difficult to achieve using a blue diode laser on wood.

Or are you attempting to do burn with shading to create a 3D illusion?

I want real 3D, not an illusion. On a diode it takes a very long time, but there is no other way

There is no way to import 3D shapes. But you can try to slice your object in layers, like shown in this video (turn on subtitles):

From what I can gather I don’t think OP is trying to stack layers of material to build a 3D shape. Sounds like he’s trying to emboss into the material.

You’re unlikely to have any luck with this at all using a blue diode laser, especially on wood. You’re more likely to simply burn the material rather than remove material.

Have you tested the ability to remove material with your laser? What results are you getting?

It removes wood well, at a speed of 7000mm per minute, at 97.5% power, approximately 0.2-1mm thick, depending on the shade of the area.You just need to lay it out in layers, at least 10-20 layers

I downloaded this program, but it does not accept my images, I tried to convert it to stl, but it does not open

Try using this:
STL2PNG - javascript edition (

You will likely encounter going out of focus with that many passes, even with a 20w laser. The deeper you burn, the less laser performance you will get.

I get a 3-d (actually 2.5d) result with a single pass in bamboo material. I suppose you can get a contour effect if you burn progressively smaller areas. I expect 20 passes at .5mm depths will still leave a visible staircase pattern in the material.

Be sure to post some results of your testing. I do not know about anybody doing this now. I have a 20w setting on my A9 diode laser and find this interesting.