How to pause movement to allow time for laser to power up

Hello, I am new to Lightburn and have about 10 days left on my trial. I need to know how to have lightburn insert a
G4 P0 ;
M106 S255 ;laser on 100%
G4 P25 ; Pause to wait for laser to fire up before moving

Is there a way to do this? M3/M5 inline doesn’t work for me.
I can edit the file and add the Pause manually everytime the laser powers up and it works fine. Just don’t want to edit evertime.

Thanks, using Marling 2.1


You can add Pre and Post job g-code commands if you go to Edit->Device Settings->Gcode tab.

Is there a reason why you need to do this? LightBurn should be able to use M106/M107 as configured in Device Settings.

I did set it up to use 106/107 however I can’t prepend the G-code or append the G-code because I need the pause command (G4) every time the laser turns off and moves to a new start location to allow the laser to power up, M106. If I could set a delay after moving to allow the laser power up before cutting/engraving that would work. Here is an example.

  1. turn laser off
  2. move to next starting point
  3. run on laser
  4. pause 500 ms
  5. start burning (moving)

Hope that helps explain my issue.

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