How to perform line passes as single layer?

I have an adjustable Z bed with focus and want to take advantage of the z-step option for multiple passes. I learned that enabling “relative Z Steps” prevents the Z-table from working via Lightburn for multiple passes (despite still be controllable via move section and auto focus via Lightburn works). Not sure if that is working as intended? Ruida 6445G controller.

Related: LB does not adjust the Z height based on material thickness until it reaches the origin of the image which results in head crashing for really thick materials.

My current issue now is more QoL. For each discreet cut the software performs all passes in series, stopping to move the Z axis for each pass. This is incredibly time consuming. Is there a setting I am missing to have LB run passes as layers? ie. all cuts > move Z /repeat

There is not a setting for all-cuts, move z, repeat.

There is no requirement that cuts be done by layer, even though they usually are, so this would complicate the path planning a great deal.

Relative Z moves absolutely does not prevent the Z from working. If you auto-focus on the material, the Z is zeroed to the top of it, and can’t go below zero, so that might be the cause. The next release actually does true relative Z moves, so it’ll be safer to enable that and just manually focus on the the top the material.

Thank you for the clarification. I found a manual work around. Run one pass at a time, then change the offset and run the next pass.

That makes sense with the Z moves! Still wrapping my brain around which way things are moving.

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