How to read status of current laser job?

I’m using a Boss HP 2436. Once i start it running on a job, i would like to remotely monitor the (in progress/finished) status of the job, so that i can know when the job is finished.

What is the best way to check the laser’s current status? Is there a way to check it via the computer that has Lightburn installed? Or is this information somehow accessible by using the laser’s IP address?

Not trying to be cheeky here, but the answer is “with your eyes”. LightBurn does not support or promote remote monitoring. We have seen many laser fire pictures and internet posts saying, “I just had to answer the door.” or “I only went to refill my coffee…”. Laser cutters are potentially very dangerous and should be manned at all times to intervene when necessary to maintain safety. We do not provide remote monitoring because we want to be able to sleep well at night. :slight_smile:


I fully agree with Rick about remote control. Anyhow, there are two ways you can see how the job is doing, and stand by if you see flames coming out. The first direct way is to use the a camera linked to the LB and the other is to use DroidCam app (or similar for iPhone) and have a live monitoring of what is going on with the job. It would be great though, to see what the laser is doing in real time like you do in the preview window.

I solved my problem by installing a Blink camera inside the machine. I never thought about the “remote monitoring” issue that the staff brought up here, but it seems counterintuitive given that they provide direct transport and start/stop controls.

How do I tell that the machine is running? I try and upload something to it. It will choke with the “Transfer Fail” message, and then another popup saying that the machine “Might be busy”. Well, you certainly know whether the machine is busy, but you just don’t want to share the info. I must respectfully disagree with the assertion that having such a feature, i.e. Current Machine Status, would be any more hazardous than every other operation that we do.

Thank you for sharing your views. We listen to what folks invest their time to express. You are correct, we do have knowledge about what the system has been asked to do and can inquire as to its state. I note some of the posts above provide options to accomplish what you are after.

The issue we at LightBurn are still facing is the number of unintended fires, we still would like to be able to sleep well at night. :slight_smile:

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