How to restart a failed job from the point where it went wrong?

Anyone has any suggestions how to restart a failed job from an other point then the start? Keep running into this. Would think it could be as easy as being able to start from a line in the gbrl code again. Oh yeah using openbuild black box, gbrl , with diode laser. Having this ability would help safe time and possibly rescue projects. Any thoughts are welcome Dimitri

That might be true when using absolute moves for everything but then there is state information retained like feed rate, the laser being on or off, and so on that isn’t sent with every line of code. In addition to that, LightBurn often switches to relative moves because they tend to be smaller, so to start at a particular line of gcode you would need to add up any relative moves that got you to that point.

If you are engraving a single image, set the Scan Angle to 180 degrees to run it from the opposite end, then stop it when it meets where the old job ended. If it’s vectors, select the parts that haven’t run yet, enable the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ toggle and hit Start.

Hi Oz, thank for the 180 deg suggestion! will definitely try that one out to salvage this project once I’m back from holiday.

still wondering if there is a way to start a job at a different pointer, the preview function seems to produce a repeatable outcome and provide a pointer in time. would be great to have a “start from” button that starts off from a point in the cutover time as shown in the preview. . but he yeah, so many wishes from different people and so little time . Great piece of software btw, keep up the great work.


We actually have a documented task to add a ‘Start from here’ button to the preview to allow you to do this on any machine, not just for GCode systems. It’s not trivial to do, partly because of the way the preview system simulates actually being a machine, but it’s possible, and should be a big help for many.

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