How to save GRBL

Hello, I would like to know how to register some GRBL values, and keep them by default each time I open Lightburn ? Thank you !
My most concern is the GRBL $32 which is =0 when I open Lightburn… and I would like it to be =1

Go to Edit > Machine Settings where you will be able to modify and then write back to your controller that setting. If it is still not persisting between power cycles of the controller then it’s likely a firmware issue. All GRBL config settings should be written to the controller’s EEPROM which survives a power cycle.
LightBurn itself does not, at this time, automatically change any of those values. So if $32=0 when you check via LightBurn that’s because it was already set to that on your controller.

Thank you very much Adammhaile :pray:
I’m not sure to understand well… but I will try :+1:

Some controllers auto-reset all settings back to their factory defaults when powered up. This is really annoying, and potentially damaging to the hardware, as EEPROMs & flash memory have limits to how many times they can be written to. If your machine resets the values when you power cycle the controller, the only real option you have is to create a macro that sets them back again, and use that when you launch LightBurn.

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