How to Save Workoffsets/Positions

I just got my machine up and running with the Mini Gerbil and LightBurn.
I use many fixtures in my laser so Workoffsets are important to my repeat indexing of items.

I can not seem to find a place to save my Workoffsets Cords. Is there a way to do this without have to keep them saved else where and type them in each time?

There isn’t a way to do this at this time.

A couple possible alternatives:

  • Saving a file with a rectangle or a circle at the position you want would allow you to easily position work at that location, or send the laser there with one of the “Move laser to object” buttons.

  • Saving a job where the work is positioned at the jig location and just using Absolute Coords as the “Start From” value would always send that job to the same location.

Fixtures is something I’ve seen lots in the CNC world, but I’ve never seen them used with lasers before. Have you had this in other laser software?

Hi and thanks for getting back top me.

Yes, even Newlydraw actually has Workoffsets and the ability to save them. (see attached)
I primary use my machine for production and very little to no hobby work, I run mostly nothing but fixtures.

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