How to scan a pdf with small lines

Hi there to all! newbie here with probably a newby question.
Im trying to convert a scanned handdrawn plan into a cutting line. The moment i’m using image trace, the lines thicknesses gets me area’s. How, if possible, do i get it to convert to lines?
Thanks in advance, Erik

Are you expecting a single hand drawn line to equate to a single thin line in LB rather than an approximation of the entire drawn area?

If so, LB doesn’t do this. That would be referred to as center-line tracing. Other tools like Inkscape and I believe Adobe Illustrator can do this.

Hi berainlb,
Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll take another route than.

Inkscape has a setting on the trace bitmap function where you pick “centerline,” Choose that to simplify the trace. It won’t do it perfectly every time, but makes it easier than some other methods.

if your drawn lines are a consistent width then you can use LightBurn to get you close too.

Use the trace image tool.
select an outside or inside vector
select offset tool and use an offset which is the direction and distance to get you a line in the center.
delete the selected line and the lines created on the other edge of the original traced line.

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