How to set LightBurn setting for grey scale lasing of a photograph

I have a Universal Engraver blue diode laser. I says it is 45 watts but I believe that is the input power and not the laser power itself. I have a G-Code controller

I am having difficulty understanding how to set LightBurn to do grey scale for a picture/photo. I would appreciate any information or links that could guide me. I watched a video of grey scale lasing using LaserGRBL. I could not get the grey scale to work worth a darn. I am purchasing LightBurn and my trial time is just about up.

I would appreciate any information or links to tutorials that could guide me.

Should I sent a picture of the photo and result?



what firmware you have in your controller?

If there only was somewhere to get a start. :wink: Image Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

and, Adjust Image Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile: