How to setup the camera in lightburn if it can't see the whole bed?

Is there a guide to setting up a camera in lightburn if it can’t see the whole bed?

It wouldn’t really be any different than if it can see the whole bed. As long as it can see the middle, where the alignment pattern goes, it should figure out the part that it can see.

Is there something specific you’re trying to solve?


This is my first post so… Hiya everybody!!!

I’m setting up a camera over my new 2.5x1.3 metre bed. I was successful but found that the zoomed in resolution was a bit disappointing for fine work. However I don’t see this as a problem if I halve the distance between the camera and the bed, rotate the camera by 90 degrees and simply use the camera over just 1/4 of the bed. I can always set up a second camera to cover another part of the bed or more bed area.

Has anyone tried this? Are there any ‘gotchas’ that lie in wait?

Thanks in advance for any input anyone can give :slight_smile:

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