How to transfer license key from old mac to new one?

I replaced my MacBook and I want active my license with new MacBook and remove old Mac, so I will using 2 PC , windows and Mac OS


Your license should allow you to activate up to 3 computers

However, you can visit the license portal and deactivate your old Mac

Thanks for your reply, but I did not see the 3 points on the page !

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l don’t found the 3 points on the page to deactivate device.

This is worth review,

I still haven’t been able to deactivate the devices

Please explain how you are doing this. Tell us what steps you take and what does or does not happen when you do so.

I can see you have 3 seats allocated. Which would you like removed?


Thank you for your replying , the software working good on my windows, but not installed in my mac after I make factory reset for my device, please remove all MacBook, and I will reinstall again in my macbook

Done. Removed 2 allocations, both Macs :slight_smile:

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