How to use 2 softwares in 1 lightburn account

i have 2 lasers, 1 for mass production and 1 for premium products. how can i use my lightburn account on 2 different laptops?

Hi Herbert,

Two different questions I would say

a) A standard LightBurn License Key allows you to activate and install in UP to 3 personal computers. Same key - 3 pcs

b) Each LightBurn can have many lasers configured. Each laser settings are stored in a profile.
Laser panel > Devices button.

So if you configure both lasers, and you want to swap you just change the profile being used.

thanks bro! glad to hear from you, you left ortur right?
i am having trouble using it on my other laptop because lightburn wants me to renew, whats the best option for me?

Your key expired for software updates on 11/17/2023. The latest version [you can use is v1.4.03.] (Release 1.4.03 · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub) As a reminder, the license is perpetual, the feature updates are $30/year.

How the LightBurn License Works

You can see what’s changed on our website or forum.

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what Jess said :slight_smile:

so if i dont renew i cant use it? or i can still use it but not update it?

If you do not renew, you can use it forever, but you are limited to 1.4.03 version.

If you renew it (30$ per 1 year), you can then update to the latest.

thank you, i decided to renew.