How to use the laser from a given free point of my choosing

Hi there, my laser is a normal 10 watt endurance blue diode and up until now no problems, runs on a A3 elesmaker cartesian gantry.

Normally I just set up my prints and engravings and go but today I have wanted to do something I have never thought about doing before because I have a very small piece of wood I want to engrave on.

My question is please how do i get the laser to run a job from a given point on the gantry that I want irrespective of that point on the grid.

I have a very fine stick that i want to engrave on for example thinner than a pencil so its very difficult to line up, I just want to do a burst from the fire button on low power so i get the the place where the laser is then I want to be able start to engrave from that exact lined up lined up position.

I expect this a really simple answer but its never crossed my mind until today when i came to do it and for the life of my i cant figure out how to do it, every time i try, it wants to go to the point on the grid in the project obviously,

I cant start from 0,0 because of the type of engraving so can someone please advise , I am sure is something obvious, freewill to my laser please…

So I guess I want to manually move the head, then send the code to engrave.

as always many thanks.

Neil Scott, Sitges, Spain.
Wet, cold and windy!


Read here:

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Thanks Oz…knew it had to be that simple but just couldn’t figure it out today, 3d printer and cnc all day yesterday and then laser today! got lost in between all the different axis!! Thanks.

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