How to work around grainy wood?

I am totally new to all this and struggling to even learn the correct terminology. I have the Ortur2 15w using GRBL. How would I go about engraving this below without all grain marks showing? The 2 runs was with my usual setting speed-1250, power 100%, fill and line. The 3rd run was a shot in the dark speed 3000 and offset fill. I know that woods like this white oak can be tricky and I would greatly appreciate and advise.

Hello Sally,

You might want to try the cross-hatch option.
The laser burns in 2 directions: horizontally and vertically.
Instead of only horizontally and it might fill the gaps… (not sure if it works, but worth a try)

I am willing to try anything. :smiley:
Total newbie how do I that?

Double click on the layer.
Then enable cross-hatch.

Thanks so much I will give it a try.

By crosshatch you can further set the degrees, I have achieved fine results with 45 degrees.
But most importantly, you have to try and test your machine with many materials and settings, it is very educational and also fun, remember to document your results for yourself, even the bad ones.

…what is your line interval ?, I do not think it is the tree that is your problem.

Thanks for all the helpful advise. I can’t wait to start playing around with some scraps soon. Here is how it turned out. Not too bad.

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