How to zero the rotary (Y) axis with no limit switch?

I am so close to have my DIY rotary working but I can’t figure out how the Y axis is set to zero (the rotational axis) when there is no limit switch?

When I switch over to Rotary settings from a saved file, and I flip my Rotary axis relays so the axis match the config, the existing Y axis becomes my X axis, and teh limit follow it, so it homes great. But the swapped in Rotary axis has no limit switch (which I also put in the device settings) so when I reset, the X homes to 0, but the Y goes to 10,000. I have not seen on my 6445G manual how I can just tell it that it’s at 0, is there a way?

Without a switch, no there isn’t. Running jobs from ‘Current position’ usually works. You could also wire a normally open switch to the rotary itself, in parallel with the one on the machine, and just bump it when you power up the rotary to fool it.

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