How widen Art Library file name window?

How can I widen the Art Library filename window so that I can see the file names?


2 options that I’m aware of:

  1. hover your mouse over the window divider between Art Library and Workspace until a <||> arrow appears. Click and drag to the right.
  2. undock the Art Library and resize the independent window

Thanks, but I tried both. No “||” appears upon hover, and no opportunity to resize subpanels when undocked.

Is this what you tried?

Resize Art Library

When undocked I would expect it to be a separate window entirely, not a subpanel. Is that not what you’re seeing? You should be getting all standard window resizing features once undocked.

If I am understanding correctly, with that window undocked, you can expand the window size horizontally, to expose the entire library name. :slight_smile:

Sorry. I guess I’m not explaining it well. Take Windows Explorer, for example. On the left, you have the folder names. On the right you have the folder contents. You can hover over the border between the two, and right-left arrows appear. You can click and hold on that and slide the border right or left, increasing one side at the expense of the other. I don’t understand why we can’t do that with the Art Library window. I don’t want to expand the whole thing but just the folder name side, yet it appears that this cannot be done. I hope that is a bit clearer.

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That’s not available currently as far as I know. Perhaps something to add as a feature request.

Thank you for the clarity. As @berainlb has identified, not currently an available option for that window. Adding to our Feature Request site will help us track and prioritize this idea. :slight_smile:

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