How would I make this evenly distributed holes?

I’ve confused myself but I want to make a number of holes evenly distributed around the inside edge of a defined shape.

How would I do this???

Does the process change if the shape changed to say a heart.

For example51LGCwy64DL.AC_SS350

Couple of notes regarding Copy on Path:

  • The UoM is statically metric (not respective of the Units / Grids setting Inches)

  • The path will not be followed if the replicated object is not initially placed on the path’s starting point:

When placing the circle on the target path but not on the starting point

Alternatively, when placing the circle on the target path’s starting point:

@beamer3.6, keep in mind to achieve the desired outcome illustrated in your initial post, utilize the offset tool first to generate the path to follow:

Then select that path to follow and click Set Shape Start Point (so you can locate where to place the circle):


Thank you guys. So much to this software :grin:

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