HowTo center your design on your workpiece with Lightburn

I see this asked on the Ortur laser forum lots of time so documenting it here might help others too.

  1. Set “Start from:” to User Origin and the center of “Job Origin”
  2. See if that green origin mark is the center you want.
    2a) If not, add a layer with a circle around your design which causes the origin center desired.
    2b) Set the layer to Show but not to have Output.
  3. Group it all.
  4. Click the ‘tag’ icon below the Add Text icon so the laser head will move where you click
  5. Click on the green origin square/indicator centered on your design so the laser head moves there.
  6. Click the fire button in the Move tab if your laser is a diode laser otherwise use your machine sighting laser to see where the origin and center of your design is and center your work based on the laser dot.
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