Huge ghosting issues


I am having big ghosting issues with my Ortur laser master 2. Being new to this, the results were surprisingly good for like the first 8 prints but then at print number 6 I am sudenly experiencing these problems and they get worse every time so far…

I have checked the belt. Not too tight and certainly not too loosen. Also, the rollers seem fine and the machine has good balance while engraving. I have attached an image that has been engra

ved. Ghosting is clearly visable.

Post the file. That’s very unusual.

I’ve seen ghosting due to a poorly-aligned CO2 laser mirror, but never like that on a diode.

How many passes are you running and does the ghosting happen at the start, in the middle or at the end of the job?

Knolselderij 3.0_backup.lbrn2 (1.4 MB)

Not sure when the ghosting appears, just facing with this end result, I´ll have to check and pause the program in the middle of the print to tell you. I´ll to this today.

A couple of things:

Try ‘fill shapes individually’, instead of ‘fill all shapes at once’
Try just ‘fill’, rather than ‘line and fill’ and see if it makes a difference. It may be that the ‘line after fill’ is the source of your ghosting.

Changing from ‘fill shapes at once’ changed the run time from 3:29 to 1:54

I would also look at increasing the power and speed - if you turn the power up from 21,7% to 50%, you should be able to double the speed.

Lasering is all about light pressure/time.

Changed the settings according to your recommendations and the problem was solved, also way faster than before.
Thanks a lot Bo, you made my day!

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