I am about ready to trash this program

I have lost several jobs because Lightburn has crashed in the middle of a run. No reason other than it just stops and starts in a different location. I have reinstalled it I have check everything I can to find the solution. It never crashes in the same place during a run. Very costly and very frustrating.
Help please!

“During a run”? You mean while it was streaming a job to your laser? That is extremely weird, at that point LB is just sitting there doing basically nothing, just sending a text file over a serial connection line by line. That sounds more like an issue your system has.

In any way: Send the effing crash report to the developer!

What controller is in your K40? What is your computing platform? What version of LightBurn are you running? Are you streaming a job to the controller or are you saving the job to memory and then running it from the controller? What exactly happens when:

Is there a crash report, error message, or any log file you can provide?

Not possible to help without any information.

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You say " I am about ready to trash this program"

I’m curious about what other software you have in mind?

LightBurn works well for me, but I would like to have something to fall back on if I start having problems.

On a constructive note, I had issues a few weeks ago with lightburn and my modded k40, it would drop jobs in the middle of a run, I swore, reinstalled, same issue but never the same place, I then tried another usb port on the pc and it worked again, flawlessly

@fisk Unlike the other responses I’m going to guess that the “jobs” you lost were designs you were in the middle of creating when Lightburn locked up…is that correct or were you in-fact in the middle of burning a job?

In the first case, I agree that a configurable “autosave” would be helpful but also think that when starting Lightburn after an abnormal shutdown, the backup file should kick in and at least save you some rework. Maybe one of the @LightBurn guys could chip in here. If it was Lightburn locking up or freezing, it would be helpful to know if you were able switch to a different program and it was still running normally or if your whole computer had locked up? Also let us know if you are on a Mac or Windows computer and what OS version, which version of Lightburn you’re using and how your connected to your laser. What kind of laser you have and lastly what specifically you were doing when Lightburn locked up and how did you get out of Lightburn.

If while in the middle of sending a job, that happened to me last week also. I was connected via wifi and after clicking “start” I saw the message that the design was being sent to the ip address. I then saw a message about an error sending because the controller was busy or had been paused, but the laser started running and was cutting the design.

I watched and it ran for about a minute, then the head returned to the origin and the controller beeped like it does when its completed a job.

I used the Start From Here feature in Preview to restart the cut and the laser started exactly where it had stopped and completed the job perfectly.

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I couldn’t agree with you more @anon88048707…the poster provides zero useful information in this post which comes across more as a childish rant (let me state this now before I’m accused of call the poster childish,
I am not. I am saying the rant comes across as a childish rant).

I feel the frustration in the poster’s rant and can sympathize, so ask for help instead of bashing the closest thing.

Unfortunately most of the post I see where someone is having an issue with hardware or software, the norm is to provide very little info for the rest of us to use to even diagnose the problem, much less provide help.

I was a software developer, network engineer, etc for 37 years and so provide probably too much info and pictures when I have an issue…but “normal” people don’t think like us, which in a lot of cases is probably a good thing.

If this is really a K40 the poster is trying to connect to with Lightburn, unless the controller has been replaced with a Ruida compatible controller, I think we’ve discovered the cause of the problem.


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