I am considering buying a StepCraft CNC machine

I am considering buying a StepCraft CNC machine. These can use a laser from StepCraft. Would it be possible to drive that laser with Lightburn? I would be reluctant to lose Lightburn as my laser software of choice. TIA

As long as it is grbl based you should not have any problem. I noticed you can get Vetrics for it so it should be alright.

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Thanks Wayne. It is that the StepCraft interface appears to use UCCNC. I understand that it could possibly run with Mach3. I would much rather keep my Lightburn software but I need to investigate this issue more. I was hoping that @Rick or @LightBurn of the development team can assist me to understand the current situation about Lightburn being able to talk to a StepCraft machine at all.

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Super helpful answer. Many thanks Rick.

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