I am having a hard time closing shapes

I have created a shape using the pencil tool and even though the corners are all snapped together it says I have 11 shapes not closed. I have tried everything and can’t get them to close. What am I doing wrong?

I have used the node editor and tried Autojoin, the closed shapes option. Nothing seems to work.

Which shapes do you expect to be closed in this design? Is each polygon expected to be closed and the shapes are adjacent to each other?

Can you upload the .lbrn file for review?

Here is the file. Basically what I need to do is draw this thread and make the lines slightly thicker so I apply the offset tool at .010 to add some thickness to the lines and fill them. When I click on the preview tab the image looks ok but when I zoom in I can see the offset lines are overlapping.

Maybe I am going about this all wrong. What would be the best way to get a drawing like in the picture but with thicker lines?

BTW it is me who expects anything it is Lightburn saying there are 11 shapes not closed.

Screw.lbrn2 (17.6 KB)

Can’t attach three points…

How would you make a tool follow that path? It would be a bunch of single lines. Single lines would be OK, but the fill option can’t figure out what you want it to do. So each shape has to be closed…


Ok so is there anyway to make this thread but with thicker lines.

I would make two trapezoids arranged and arrayed, two triangles, and the outside profile. All separate closed shapes on the same layer. All shapes offset or separated from one another by the same amount.

What’s your end goal with this? How do you plan to use this?

That will determine suggestions for how to approach the structure of the design.

I don’t know if that thread is for “optical” or mechanical use, but that’s beside the point. My proposed solution is to draw the 3 elements shown and collect them with the array function. Note that I have edited the inner offset so that the same width of the “line thickness” (fill) can be formed when assembling.

n.b. the 11 shapes that are not closed are your lines between the thread teeth, they are lines that cannot of course be closed.

Chris (737mechanic) did a lovely etching on a stainless cover plate for his lathe. I’m guessing this is for something similar.

Thanks, everyone. With everyone’s input, I finally got it.


Thank you for the step-by-step pics. I tried using the union function but it was always shaded out so I obviously didn’t have something set right.


Yes, this is going to be for the gearbox selection plate on the same lathe. The stainless plates look so much better than the originals I am doing all the plates on the lathe.

Here is the original plate and the preview of the lightburn outcome.
The object is to make the letters and numbers as large as possible so my tired eyes can see them better.

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