I am having difficulty with Cuts/Layers

Wasn’t there an option to change priorities/cut order before? Has this been moved? I attempted a very large line engraved panel today 54"x48" and segmented the design into layers to ensure power was consistent left to right (my custom bed is warped so need to adjust laser height on finer lines) but it jumped from the first (red) layer to the 3rd (blue layer and then across all 4. It didn’t seem to recognize the layers at all. needles to say the entire project failed as there was variation in line quality. I have looked everywhere but can’t seem to fine the priority option that used to be there. help!

Cut order can be effected when selecting a few different options. In the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ you have a few options that change the ordering, in the ‘Cut Optimization’ settings, and on a shape by shape level, there is the ‘Cut Order Priority’ setting in the ‘Shape Properties’ window. All affect the ordering of the cuts of your job.

Here is a bit of a primer on ‘Cut Optimization’ settings: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/OptimizationSettings.html

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