I am making wooden coins for Youth conference my burn pattern is mixed up

When burning the job it goes back over the circles to add lines it did not do in the first pass.is there a way to make lightburn reorganize its burn pattern?

Sometimes the cut planner has his special ways to work .
Always check the preview window.

You can add control by putting things on different layers and priorities.

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I have the front side on one layer and the backside on another layer and the cut for the hole on another.
the problem is when i had to add wording on the backside it now cuts at a different time than the rest of the type on that layer

Because when no optimization is selected it “cuts” in design order.

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Thank you very very much, that was a setting i did not know was available. Thank you for pointing it out to me. Almost a year using this software and i still feel like a newbie!

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